MOROI - 1st 2 words of Three Faces of Eve - Romania - These vampires are considered one of the undead, but they were viewed more as guardians of their mortal families. Obviously, one of the more friendly vampires or spirits. They can be male or female, they do, however, exhibit some of the characteristics of the Strigolii. Another trait mentioned about the Moroi is that they went out at night to fornicate with whomever they stumble across.

The Strigoi of Romania is also one of the undead. They attract utter revulsion and fear of the populace. They were a blood drinking species and hunted by most of those living in the Balkans. Another source claims that the Stirgoi are living, (as opposed to the undead), the soul has the ability to voluntarily leave the body at night. Sometimes such souls appear as sparks traveling through the air. They could take the form of insects or higher animals. They are not usually associated with blood sucking. They could steal the vitality of their neighbor's crops, beehives, etc. The Romanian word Stirgoi is derived from the Latin word Stryx. Romanians believed in "witches" that would change into screech owls at night to prey on unattended infants by drinking their blood and sometimes eating their internal organs.

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