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Steven B. Smith has been writing & publishing modern poetry, and creating contemporary art, for over 3 decades. Just as a master musician will blend notes for effect, Smith will connect words into verse with startling originality.

Take for example this classic Smith poem from the 1970's:

Cain in Isolation

There lies a sorrow beneath this yellow
Odor which rises on two legs and mocks
What little man remains behind. Shallow
Selfish greed of love and lover's talk
Of trust in self made shadows mere shadow
Of hallowed spell disguised by holy frock.
Varied the means of divination, certain
Though time and dark demons conspire, despair
By this hand shall never rend the curtain
Nor set wraiths cull delusions of lone fear.
What is, is, beyond lamenting, Canaan
Isolation. Love and love alone stands bare.

It is only after we the reader pass through the downside of life - "odor", "greed", "demons", "delusions", "fear" - do we get the pay off: "Love and love alone".

To read more of Smith's poetry, visit  Reading Rooms;   if you edit a publication devoted to the best of modern poetry, you can contact Smith at:

2672 W 14th
Cleveland OH 44113

[Call no later than 9pm EST]

Exerpts from Smith's interview with Mark Weber

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