www.agentofchaos.com presents guest artist Mother Dwarf a.k.a. Florence E. Smith a.k.a. Florence Smith

Mother Dwarf a.k.a. Florence E. Smith
4.13.1926 - 6.25.2005

collage assemblage mixed media fairy tale
born Hale Center Texas 13 April, 1926
1928 to California Idaho Washington Michigan Nevada thru 1989
died June 25, 2005 Cleveland Ohio USA

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the first and final annual gathering of the Norman Rockwell Lawn Poets Society - June 11, 2005
Once Upon A Time: 27 pieces by Mother Dwarf - Mothers Day opening May 8, 2005
Lyz Bly review of Once Upon A Time - 05.11.2005
Once Upon A Time show card and Angle ad

Lost & Found - 42 pieces   May 8 thru June 11, 2004
Lost & Found opening reception shots

LAB RATS - the quantum collapse of Mother Dwarf Smith: Friday the 13th April, 1926 - June 25, 2005
by son of Dwarf

mother weary

fuzzy mom    mother dwarf 1994    mom sep 6, 2003

trapped    eclipse    alice    animal farm    vampire love    old blue eyes

vampire love, dtl    animal farm, dtl    falling water    can can, dtl    detail, mirror frame    trapped, dtl

mirror mirror on the wall    gotcha, dtl    liberty    gotcha    eclipse, dtl

tinman and dog    story teller    bathroom, dtl    spirit catcher    mirror mirror on the wall, dtl

mom/cat    rocky road    blue velvet, dtl

bathroom, detail

Mother Dwarf's work feels deeply, intrinsically, unnervingly correct in ways that are
mysteriously unconscious to me. She is keeping a different sort of record, telling
slanted stories. She is mother goose for the intentionally lost and half-enlightened.
niisha - 9.10.2003

Lyz Bly review of Once Upon A Time
May 11, 2005
Mother Dwarf Smith - Tremont artist solos at 68
May 13, 1994
A most common name, a most unusual family
August 11, 1993

Florence E. Smith, a tall woman known in art circles as Mother Dwarf, came
from Las Vegas to join her son, Smith, at his insistence when she was
widowed in 1990. A former ceramist and quilter, she does assemblage art.
Her stamp is brightly appealing narrative pieces with fairy tale themes."
Helen Cullinan - The Cleveland Plain Dealer - 9.30.1993

fotos/webwork by son of Dwarf

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