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ArtCrimes limited edition
art & poetry journal
1986 - 2006

ArtCrimes in America is now represented by Mark Kuhar of

ArtCrimes #21 - printed June 30, 2006 is the last ArtCrimes - 20 years 21 issues

Steven B. Smith's farewell Artcrimes is his best ever - Douglas Max Utter - The Cleveland Free Times, Aug 9, 2006

21st issue of ArtCrimes is biggest ever, and also the last - Dan Tranberg, Cleveland Plain Dealer FR!DAY Magazine, July 14, 2006

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OTHER POETS' POETRY:   I am in the process of putting ALL the poems by ALL the ArtCrimes poets online
                                                Issues 1-7 + 20 are online; the remaining 13 issues to be online by 28 Feb, 2007

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ArtCrimes 20  poems   by title   by poet     07/2002 - 46 poems, 32 poets    Sea of Forgetfulness
ArtCrimes 07  poems   by title   by poet     06/1989 - 72 poems, 39 poets    Metapoems, Antipoems & Notpoems
ArtCrimes 06  poems   by title   by poet     11/1988 - 44 poems, 26 poets    Life In A Peaceful New World
ArtCrimes 05  poems   by title   by poet     05/1988 - 33 poems, 19 poets    Self Portraits & Poor Self Traits
ArtCrimes 04  poems   by title   by poet     01/1988 - 54 poems, 27 poets    Artbark: Truffaut & True Friends
ArtCrimes 03  poems   by title   by poet     06/1987 - 27 poems, 15 poets    The Vacation Coloring Book
ArtCrimes 02  poems   by title   by poet     03/1987 - 33 poems, 10 poets    Wretched Excesses
ArtCrimes 01  poems   by title   by poet     05/1986 - 28 poems, 15 poets    If Indication Abnormal

Agent of Chaos That would be Steven B. Smith, the man behind Cleveland's cult
classic journal ArtCrimes, a limited edition lit/art publication that emerged during
the mid eighties. Now you can order up your own at Steven's agentofchaos website,
launching literary outrageousness, entertaining criticism, art slide show, plus 900
pages of collage, mixed media, photography, guest artists and everything your mother
warned you about
. He has consistently refused to be conditioned by the public, and it's
a good thing; we love his contagion of undiluted underground art/lit/philosophy/abuse.
Cool 09.10-09.17 2003 - Tisha Nemeth, senior editor

ArtCrimes 1-20 1986-2002
limited numbers of various issues of ArtCrimes remain
prices vary depending on number of copies
(prices increase as numbers decrease)
Beth Wolfe & Smith are editing ArtCrimes 21, out January 2006

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Smith's ArtCrimes has become a highly valued collector's publication since it was first created nearly 2 decades ago. Issue 20 (of 21) consists of submissions by artists and poets from around the country, and is limited to a total of 544 copies.

Artcrimes 20 front cover by Beth Wolfe

Sea of Forgetfulness

58 illustrations, 46 poems
57 artists, 100 pages

edited by Beth Wolfe, Steven B Smith

dedicated to Wayne Draznin - 1950 - 2001
video and computer artist, teacher, friend

July 2002

Smith writes about artcrimes 20 - Sea of Forgetfulness...
"artcrimes 20 has:
22 female contributors with 45 pages,
35 males with 52 pages, (more males,
but more females get multiple pages...
wonder what that signifies?),
at least 3 dead people ,
+ heterosexuals, homosexuals
and at minimum 2 celibates.
a lot of the people i don't know so can't
figure out such things.

The front cover acetate overlay creates a moire' pattern which gives the illusion of depth and movement - perfect for a book titled Sea of Forgetfulness.

Artcrimes 20 back cover by Joe Levack
[Back Cover]

In addition to the original art and poetry,
the first 300 copies will have an acetate overlay on the cover,
plus an unique 45 rpm record
and a single scorched page inside.
The remaining 244 have normal covers and no record
(altho I do often partially burn page 62).

All copies
printed on 70 pound paper
8" x 8" in size
the cover is coated stock (which is varnished after printing)
there are 2 pages in full color
and a perfect bound spine


ArtCrimes is out of business since my wife & i left america 8.1.2006.
Mark Kuhar of now represents the last issue (#21 - Duck & Cover) plus any past issues still avaialable
the info below is outdated... contact Mark

· If you would like to purchase one of the first 300, the cost is $33 each
including shipping - (30 copies remain as of 03.28.2004).

· You can purchase one of the 244 without the acetate cover for $13 each.

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