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A Fable for Critics   Brooke Horvath
A Haiku   David K. Ware
A La Carte   George P. Kemp
A Poem for d.a. levey   Robert Ritchie aka Dick Head
A Poem Shaken from a Bowler Hat   Michael Salinger
A Poet Is Not A Writer   Frank Polite
A Reading Poet   Christopher Franke
A Sad Poem   Dick Head aka Robert Ritchie
A Wry Love Poem   Christopher Franke
Across Tenth Avenue / St. Petersburg, Florida    Major Ragain
After the Factory's Whistle Blows   Michael Salinger
Ajax   Geoffrey Stamm
All   Joel Lipman
American Expresssway   Michael Salinger
americana   Cat Smith
An Elegy To Unheard Poets and Unseen Art   George P. Kemp
angels   Luigi-Bob Drake
Anima   John M. Bennett
Animal Poem   Christopher Franke
any invert   Joffre Stewart
Approximate Fits   John Byrum
Archivio   Lancillotto Bellini
Art   David Mendez
Art Notes   Ken Nevadomi

Backyard   Russell Atkins
Beauty and the Bird   Daniel Thompson
Before the counterrevolutionary coup   Joffre Stewart
Being a Repudiation   Tom Mulready
Beyond the Sunset   Barry Zuckor
Blank Verse   Steven B. Smith
Blending the Ox   John M. Bennett
Bone Poem   Truffaut
Boundary   John M. Bennett
Brain Cell   Ryosuke Cohen
Breath and Dream   Daniel Thompson

Cain in Isolation   Steven B. Smith
cambodia in cleveland   Steve E Gloom aka Steve Melton
Can We Talk?   M. J. Arcangelini
Canines   John M. Bennett
Cannibal Saliva   Steven B. Smith
Cat   Sandra L. Hazley
Celebration   Daniel Thompson
Ceramics Class   Cyril A. Dostal
Chocolate and Roses   Daniel Thompson
Close Personal Friend   Mark Bloch
Cockatoo - Ring of Bird   Ralph La Charity
Composer   Robert Miltner
Confessions of a Conservative   Steven B. Smith
Convoy   Geoffrey Stamm
Coolish on Congress   Christopher Franke
country girl   Steve Melton
Culture   Daniel Thompson
Cupon   Melissa J. Craig
Cut Words   Christopher Franke

daughter (dawning)   Mary Ann Breisch
Days without Dreams   Daniel Thompson
Dead Frogs   Dick Head aka Robert Ritchie
Dear Abby   Luigi-Bob Drake
Dear Me   Joan of Art
Death   Daniel Thompson
Deer Crossing   Christopher Franke
Diary, April 1, 1986 12:43 am   Anna Arnold
Dirty Pool - for Truffaut   Daniel Thompson
Diver   John Bennett
Doctor Skills That Kill   George P. Kemp
Dormant   Amy Bracken Sparks
doubt the plausible surface   John Byrum
Dream Spring   Barry Zuckor

earth note 29   e b bortz
earth note 62   e b bortz
earth note 81   e b bortz
Easy Cat   Renee Mathews-Jackson
Editor's Note   Editor
Eeeeek!   M. J. Arcangelini
Ekphrasis (after El Greco's Fable)   Joseph Allgren
Empirical Dada   Steven B. Smith
Empty   Erik Kipperman
Enigma   Cheryl Townsend
Esculations   George P. Kemp
excerpt   John Donne
excerpt   Nicanor Parra
Excerpt   Michael Salinger
excerpt from "Poetry and Grammer"   Gertrude Stein

Fair Verse   Max Stark
Feed a Fever   Toni Frabotta Marsh
Fins   John M. Bennett
Firefly   Christopher Franke
Flat River   Beth Wolfe
For Gerald Manley Hopkins   Kristine Dugas
For Kenneth Patchen   Mary A. Turzillo
for you   Steve E Gloom aka Steve Melton
Forced and Demented   Joan of Art
Four Haiku   Zubal
Four Steps   Mary Brizzi
Fox's Song   Barbara Angell
foxstem in the forest   Luigi-Bob Drake
Freedom Writer Graffiti   Daniel Thompson
Fumbling the Buttons   John Bennett

gagaku   Steve Richmond
Garage   Dale Vidmar
Gestalt   Adam Brodsky
Gods   Steven B. Smith

Hand to Mouth   Mother Dwarf Smith
Here   Cheryl Townsend
Heroin   Steven B. Smith
hey mister   Steve E Gloom aka Steve Melton
History kollage / making   Jim Lang
Horse (para la gente de Hargill,Texas)   Gloria Anzuldua
How America's Pets Eat Better Than The Masses Of Latin Americans   Joffre Stewart
Her Anonymity   Lewis LaCook

I Agree   Max
I Destroyed   Jim Lang
I Dreamt   Ben Gulyas
I Have Cursed   David Alexander Smith
I'm Tired   Val Seeley
Ice Melts In Only One Direction   Jim Lang
Idea For A Play about a Young Man Who Carries Baggage   Bruce Checefsky
In My Cock and Bully Days   Daniel Thompson
In the Bottom of his Bowl   Ray L. Martin
In the Silence   Daniel Thompson
In unserer Wolnung   Uwe Kolbe
indiana   Luigi-Bob Drake
Ivory Talisman   Amy Bracken Sparks

jilted lover   Steve E Gloom  aka  Steve Melton
Junkie Luv   Steven B. Smith

K-65   Daniel Thompson
Killing Rabbits   Ed Ochester

Late Medeival Saint   Charlotte Pressler
Let Go   Crow
Lies So Still   Jim Lang
Look Out   Joel Lipman
Love Poem   Daniel Thompson
Love Song to My Computer - for Olive Cross   Linda Monicelli Johnson

Majestic   Emperor Wu of Han
Mandrake Dream   Wendy Shaffer
Manifesto   Richard Kostelanetz
March of the Toads   Ron Haybron
Marilyn Monroe - 1926-1962   Steven B. Smith
Marriage Proposal   Steven B. Smith
Master of the Chameleon   Christopher Franke
Masturbating in a Burning Building   F. Keith Wahle
Mausoleum, Museum, Movie   Steven B. Smith
May 9th   Val Seeley
Me & Joe   Toni Frabotta Marsh
merry   Jim Lang
metapome   Jim Lang
Metaphor   Dale Vidmar
Miasma   Daniel Thompson
Moon Meter   Beth Wolfe
Moondog   Tim Joyce
Monism Monitor   Robert Garnack
my words   Steve E Gloom aka Steve Melton

Natural Science   Joseph Allgren
Night Fragments   Steven B. Smith
Noah's Ark   Frederic Lissauer
Noise   Robert Govan
Not About Ringdoves   George P. Kemp
Not An Actual Emergency   F. Keith Wahle
Now Zen   Steven B. Smith
Nu Ace   Desmond Velcro
Number 1 Son   Pappy Smith

O Death You Sly Trickster   Frank Green
of have with pair   Luigi-Bob Drake
Oge   Steve Richmond
Oh Jesus I'm In Trouble With God   Judith Brandon
Old Man Carrying A Bible In A High Crime Area   Russell Atkins
Old Man's Lament/Sweet Little Sixteen   Steven B. Smith
Omission   Robert E. McDonough
on my thirty-fourth birthday   
On the Beach   Amy Bracken Sparks
On the Rack   Gerald Locklin
One More Grafitto   Daniel Thompson
Orphan's Lament   Judith Brandon
Ostrich Town   Jim Lang

P.I.R.S.A.W.   Steve E Gloom  aka  Steve Melton
Pablo Picasso, Died   Steven B. Smith
Past Lies and Poverty   Steven B. Smith
Pasta Less Filling Than Romance   Jim Lang
pedagogy   Gerald Locklin
Please Discard   Cat Smith
Please Don't Fuck The Baby   Luigi-Bob Drake
Philosophy   Desmond Velcro
Pit of Sheer Delight   Doug Hoppe
Poem On the Possibility of Any Given Day   Ben Gulyas
Poet's Suicide   Robert E. McDonough
Poetry   Christopher Franke
Poor Self Trait #6711   Mary Ellen May Salo
Poor Self Traits   Steven B. Smith
Portrait of a Mind   Patricia Fallon
Posey's Song   Max Stark
Poet's Gift   Jo Smith
Preface: Meta-Words   Christopher Franke
Preserving Natural Wonders   Amy Bracken Sparks

quote   William Hazlitt

Radio   Luigi-Bob Drake
ragged   Luigi-Bob Drake
Razz's Poem   Daniel Thompson
Re: Hermit Crabs   Susan Grimms
Regal Donut   Christopher Franke
Rephotograph   Jim Lang
Reread   Joel Lipman
reville   Luigi-Bob Drake
Rex Numquam Moritur (the king never dies)   M. J. Arcangelini
right angle reality   Cat Smith
Royal Inn   Cheese Borger
RSVP   Steven B. Smith

School's Out   John M. Bennett
Schultze's Diagnosis   Max
Self Portrait   Steven B. Smith
Shard   Steven B. Smith
She Was   Kevin Williams
Situation   Terry Durst
Slave and Masturbation   Steven B. Smith
Small Tragedies of Junkyard Poets   Daniel Thompson
So the Talk's Gettin' Heavy   Daniel Thompson
Some Kinda Bread (to be read with a thick accent)   Linda Monicelli Johnson
Sonnet   Christopher Franke
Sop   Steven B. Smith
Sorry   Mary Ellen May Salo
Spring's Generation Gap   Russell Atkins
Still A Swan   Bree
Street Cat   Amy Bracken Sparks
Stripped   Laila Voss
Swan Songs   George P. Kemp

Talking Easy Thru My Hat   Daniel Thompson
Talking To Ghosts   Russ Vidrick
Tea   Laila Voss
Technically   Joan of Art
Tell Them   Cyril A. Dostal
That We Are One   Daniel Thonpson
The 23rd Skiddoo   Daniel Thompson
the advantages of atomic weapons over cyclon-b   Luigi-Bob Drake
The Adventures of Stone Ranger & Snorto   Stephen Reynolds
The Anatomy of Love   Daniel Thompson
The Body Is A Cognitive Map   Major Ragain
The Bow, The Wow, With Brothers   Major Ragain
The Bulb and the Brick   John M. Bennett
The Chicagoland Fibune   Joffre Stewart
The Difference Between Hot and Cold Blood   Jim McCall
The Difficulties   John Bennett
The Dogs Of Morning   Daniel Thompson
the double play   Jim Lang
The Dream Thief   Daniel Thompson
The Eagle and the Dove   Daniel Thompson
The Gift - Pt 1   Steve Garee
The Gift - Pt 2   Steve Garee
The Girl Who Died Her Hair   Daniel Thompson
The Guinea   Christopher Franke
The Heart as Arsonist   Steven B. Smith
The King of the Hippies   Alois Zimmerman
The Lady on the Beach   Ron Haybron
the Leviathans   Bill Polak
The Lost Poets   Christopher Franke
The Message   Daniel Thompson
The Mourning of Icarus   Amy Bracken Sparks
The P.E.S.   Robert E. McDonough
the photo   M. J. Arcangelini
The Rabbit   Christopher Franke
The Rich Get Richer   Steven B. Smith
The Rue Teen Age   Jim Lang
The Second Coming   W. B. Yeats
The Semi Driver   Michael Salinger
The Sick Mind   Robert Ritchie aka Dick Head
The Situation of the Pacifist   Joffre Stewart
The Un-Poem   Mark Weber
The Validity of Relationships   Steven B. Smith
The Wait   Daniel Thompson
The Waitress   James Weigel, Jr.
The Wanting Does Not Stop Here   Carly Sachs
The Writer   Sandra L. Hazley
The Yellow Bug   James Taranto
This is a good poem, wasn't it?   Luke McDuff
Thots & Dreams Are Lying Deads Deeds   Jim Lang
Thumbnail Sketches   Patricia Fallon
time flies small world   Luigi-Bob Drake
Time Piece   Dale Vidmar
Tits and Tips   Sandr L. Hazley
To Sleep and Forget   Daniel Thompson
to summarize   Melissa J. Craig
Toilet   Ron Haybron
tonight i waited on a man   Wendy Shaffer
tragic illumination & magic transubstantiation   Luigi-Bob Drake
Transit   Russell Atkins
Truffaut at Cumberland   Daniel Thompson
Two Haiku (7)   James Weigel, Jr.
Two Haiku (9)   James Weigel, Jr.
Two Men In A Coffee Shop   Michael Salinger

Under the Dogwood tree   Frederic Lissauer
Unremitting   Christopher Franke
Untitled 1   Laila Voss
Untitled 2   Laila Voss
Untitled 3   Laila Voss
Up In The Sandia Mountains   Mark Weber
Utopian Dot To Dot   Cat Smith

Vernor Lake   Major Ragain
Villanelle of Epigony & Perennial Engines   Christopher Franke
Vincent   Max
Virtual Fire   Beth Wolfe
Visits With the Afterlife   Jim Lang

Waiting   Maria Ricciardo
Wallowing   Joyce Porcelli
War   Marcella Long
Waves Breaking   Steve Canada
Wax Paper Becomes Mantra   Kristine Ban Tepper
We Are All Gunmen   Daniel Thompson
We Know   Jo Smith
We're Uncovering   Christopher Franke
well behaved dog   Martin Sokolich
What Am I Doing Wrong?   Christopher Franke
What Does The Murderer Do The Morning After?   Amy Bracken Sparks
What Is Art Good For?   Linda Harkless
What The Voice   Christopher Franke
What Was The Topic?   Christine Telfer
What's Real?   John M. Bennett
When Creating By Removing   Robert Govan
Where Do You Get Your Ideas? (Someone is sure to ask)   Cyril A. Dostal
Whethered Would   Steven B. Smith
white wooden horse   Maria Ricciardo
White-wing Season   Gloria Anzaldua
Winter Birds   Sarah Croley
Wild Onions   Daniel Thompson
With the Reptiles   Steve Canada
Women at the River's Edge   Daniel Thompson
Work of the Artist's Hands   Desmond Velcro
Would You Write A Poem About Me - for Marlene   Daniel Thompson
Writings on the Wall   Les Black

XXVIII   James Weigel, Jr.

You   Cat Smith
You Can't Ignore A Dinosaur   Mark Hopkins
You Can't Say This   Terry Provost
you hear   Mark Weber
yr voice   Jim Lang

Zen Over Zero   Steven B. Smith
Zen This   Sheila Long

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