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"Smith is both a crack found-object collector and a genius at
putting objects together in a way that is all at once poetic, raw,
perhaps lugubrious, and at times biting or potentially offensive."
Helen Cullinan - Cleveland Plain Dealer  09.26.1987

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Art critic pieces together his future
Michael Heaton - The Plain Dealer, Friday, August 25, 2006

Walking on Thin Ice
Fascinating and more real than anything you're gonna watch on TV tonight
Cool 8.22 2006

Criminals At Large
Steven B. Smith's Farewell Artcrimes Is His Best Ever
By Douglas Max Utter - The Cleveland Free Times, Aug 9, 2006

Leavin’ Cleveland: An Exit Interview with Steven B. Smith
By Mark S. Kuhar - July 2006
(hopefully to be published in Art-e-fakt

21st issue of annual ArtCrimes is biggest ever - and also the last
Dan Tranberg, Cleveland Plain Dealer FR!DAY Magazine, July 14, 2006

crimes-free cleveland
The city’s agent of chaos takes on a new mission
By Milenko Budimir - Northern Ohio Live - June 2006

Emigrating artist Steven Smith holds 'liquidation sale' exhibit
Dan Tranberg, Cleveland Plain Dealer FR!DAY Magazine, May 5, 2006

Prison Break
Over the Wall: The Restless Steven B. Smith Is Moving On
By Douglas Max Utter - The Cleveland Free Times, Mar 15, 2006

Capturing the Smiths
Mpther Dwarf's collages evoke an often painful family history
by Lyz Bly - Cleveland Free Times May 11, 2005 3.30 - 4.06.05
Naked in Cleveland delivers the art and poetry of Steve Smith,
and a delectable offering from Peter Conklin Ball; this online
exhibit can be seen only at The Digital Museum of Modern
Art. Smith, founder of the underground 'zine ArtCrimes, is an
"outspoken poet and inveterate artist whose transgressive
art works are collected by renegade art enthusiasts and main
stream corporations alike." His magnetic style has extended to
the web with his Agent of Chaos website. Ball has been making
music on synthesizers for over twenty-five years, writing and
recording, playing and singing on countless original songs,
and he's the consummate underground personality. The
exhibition also features a "poem cycle" - 41 of Smith's poems
hyperlinked in a strange web of errant and provocative
musings; show opens online Wed 3/30.
Visit the online exhibit at

2,754 gather for Spencer Tunick nude photo shoot
Sunday, June 27, 2004
Michael Heaton, Plain Dealer Reporter

Cool Cleveland Writer: Steven B. Smith
Cool 1.7-1.14 2004 - Tisha Nemeth, senior editor

Agent of Chaos
Cool 9.10-9.17 2003 - Tisha Nemeth, senior editor

Sacred Lies - New & Used Work by Steven B. Smith
Amy Bracken Sparks - Angle, June 9, 2003

Nothing can save your life like a really good art attack
Michael Heaton - The Plain Dealer, April 18, 2003

Emancipation of Consciousness and Buddhist's Philosophy
in Steven B. Smith's Poetry
by Manoranjan Das - April 1, 2003

Twenty-thousand Leagues Under the Zine
Go genre-diving in Page Me at Spaces
Dan Tranberg - Angle, A Journal of the Arts + Culture, January 2003

Page Me
the art of zines, comix and other artist made books
Spaces January 10-February 21, 2003

Underground Publication Carries On As A Quiet Force
Dan Tranberg - The Plain Dealer, Aug 2, 2002

Surreal Thing
Eccentric Artist & Collector Steve Smith Bares All
Amy Bracken Sparks - The Cleveland Free Times, Mar 15, 2000

Howling at the Edge of a Renaissance
Spaces & Alternative Art in Cleveland 1978-1998

Amy Bracken Sparks - Sep 1998

Funny & Poignant
Laura Putre - The Scene, Apr 26, 1996

Mother Dwarf Smith - Tremont Artist Solos at 68
Helen Cullinan - The Cleveland Plain Dealer, May 13, 1994

Alchemy in Reverse
Frank Green - The Cleveland Free Times, Apr 20, 1994

Angry Young Artist Has Mellowed With Age
Helen Cullinan - The Plain Dealer, Sep 30, 1993

A Most Common Name, A Most Unusual Family
Amy Bracken Sparks - The Cleveland Free Times, Aug 11, 1993

Aggressive Nastiness Jabs At Viewer
Steven Litt - The Plain Dealer, May 27, 1992

Popcorn Box Serves Up Poetic Tribute To Film
Rebecca Freligh - The Plain Dealer, April 1992

Anarchy-Art-On-The-Cheap Is Calling Akron Home
Unsettling exhibits amid neatness, order
Dorothy Shinn - Beacon Journal, December 9, 1990

Writing Vision, Visual Writing
Wayne Draznin - New Art Examiner, June 1990

In Their Own Voices
Through The Micropress, Writers Making Sure They Will Be Heard
Rebecca Freligh - The Plain Dealer April 2,1989

ArtCrimes 7
Mary Grimm - Ohio Writer Magazine, Sep/Oct 1989

Ashes to Ashes, Poet to Artist
Helen Cullinan - The Cleveland Plain Dealer, July, 1988

A Place To Call Home
Amy Bracken Sparks - The Cleveland Edition, September 8, 1988

Not To Be Overlooked
Helen Cullinan - The Plain Dealer, September 26, 1987

Art Behind Bars
Elizabeth Morton, Dialogue Magazine, July, 1987

More Art Coming To Warehouse District
Helen Cullinan - The Plain Dealer, July, 1987

Censorship Charges Mar Tri-C West Show
Helen Cullinan - The Plain Dealer, May 11, 1986

Wide Open Spaces
Geraldine Wojno Kiefer - The Cleveland Edition, September 13, 1984

Art Gallery Plugged Into Shock
Helen Cullinan - The Plain Dealer, September 25, 1984

Spiritual Fulfillment
Sally Norman - Dialogue Magazine, September, 1984

Must Be Profound
James Neff - The Plain Dealer, December 3, 1984

13 Middies Ousted In Marijuana Case
Bart Barnes - The Washington Post, February 21, 1968

My first rejection slip
Robie Macauley - Playboy, December 6, 1966

Kerry O'Reilly's college paper on "Hey Joe"
England, January 2004

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