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More Art Coming To Warehouse District
Helen Cullinan - The Plain Dealer
July, 1987

The "Warehouse Diptych II" installation in the Tobacco Works Building at 1261 W. 6th St., diagonally across from Spaces, is a collaboration of Cleveland artist and poet Steven B. Smith and ceramic sculptor S. Judson Wilcox. Though viewed through the front windows and doors without entering the space, this project was designed to visually introduce the viewer to a Warehouse District interior, its nature, size and potential. Like Art Behind Bars, however, it's hard to see well in the daytime. It comes to life, so to speak, after sundown and particularly with lighting at night.

Smith and Wilcox, Warehouse District residents, variously worked together and alone on the individual assemblages that make up the total installation. They were given access to storage facilities of Old Cleveland Properties, one of the sponsors, for materials that they could put to use. Among those (often their own) prominently used include castoff neon tubes, mirrors, city and business signs, a great variety of found objects and some of Wilcox's signature white-glazed sculptures.

But the chief ingredient was imagination, giving a hodgepodge of materials presence as a City Dig (view to basement), Temple of the Past, Warehouse Calliope (a wind song of neon tubes), Street Treet (street signs) and a Retail Portrait (satire on advertising lures), to name some of the individual pieces.

Smith and Wilcox view their installation as a positive and very important indication of the district's support of its artist population. Neighborhood firms and organizations that contributed funds include the Committee for Public Art; the Historic Warehouse District Development Corp; Old Cleveland Properties; Yulish, Twohig & Associates; van Dijk, Johnson & Partners; Cappadora Realty Co; the Caraboolad Insurance Agency and Keeva J Kekst & Associates.

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