www.agentofchaos.com presents guest artist, poet, musician, storyteller Hashim El-Ra-Mun
fired clay piece

Experience The Creative Vision of Hashim
Poet, Storyteller, Artist, Musician

Appearances & Exhibits

Cleveland State University
Cleveland Clinic Employee Art Exhibit
Lakeshore Golden Age Center
Cleveland Rehabilitation & Special Care Center
Ernst Bohn Golden Age Center
Fairhill Center For Aging
Karamu Cultural Arts Center

Featured in
Cleveland Life Magazine
Cleveland Free Times

Hashim, The Poet
delves deeply into his heart
and yours to bring sensitive,
energetic light to the simple
and complex issues of life

Hashim, The Musician
transports his audience to many
places...some sacred, some amusing,
some curious, as he employs a
variety of "vehicles" - flutes,
kalimba, drums, mbira, vocals

Hashim, The Artist
has taught creative arts to school children
and adults, is an accomplished painter
and sculptor. His beautiful pieces tell
wondrous stories.

Hashim, The Storyteller
spins his special magic for young and
old. His lectures on ancient times bring
history to life.


Available for workshops, seminars, and other performances
contact Hashim El-Ra-Mun at
Hashim1954 at-sign yahoo dot com
2260 E. 84th St., Cleveland, OH  44103  USA
(216) 391-2117

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