Contemporary mixed media collage, urban assemblage art, and modern poetry

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bree home page  Bree
Poet, singer, songwriter for Birdcake and publisher/editor of Green Panda Press.

chiplis home page  Jeffry Chiplis
The inventer of recycled neon sculpture (Art in America, February 2003).

hashim home page  Hashim El-Ra-Mun
Poet, musician, storyteller, clay & visual artist.

kevin eberhardt home pagekevin eberhardt home page  Kevin Eberhardt
The Mad Poet & his perfectly marvelous 67 short poems about any-every-no-thing.

iberi home page  Patrick Iberi
Nigerian poet - thirteen poems.

ic home page  Inspector Collector
A.K.A. Harley Spiller - artist, writer, curator, collector, teacher.

kipfer home page  John Kipfer
Northern Canadian - painting, drawing, manipulated photographs, teaches highschool collage/art.

lang home page  Jim Lang
Artist, poet, photographer, potter, publisher/editor - 46 mostly b&w photos w/ some words.

dwarf home page  Mother Dwarf 1926-2005
A.K.A. Florence E. Smith - collage, assemblage, mixed media fairy tales.

provost home page  Terry Provost
Poet, performer, social critic.

smith collage  Smith
A.K.A. Steven B. Smith - artist, poet, publisher, webs

Lady nee Lady walker  Lady - art assemblages & photographs
recent works by K. I. S. - nee Lady Stacks nee Lady Green nee Lady Walker.

dwarf home page  Florence E. Smith 1926-2005
A.K.A. Mother Dwarf - collage, assemblage, mixed media fairy tales.

ic home page  Harley Spiller
A.K.A. Inspector Collector - artist, writer, teacher, curator, collector.

kevin eberhardt home pagekevin eberhardt home page  The Mad Poet
Kevin Eberhardt & his perfectly marvelous 67 short poems about any-every-no-thing.

daniel thompson home page  Daniel Thompson, 1935-2004
Poet Laureate of Cuyahoga County, Cleveland, Ohio, USA - friend / artist / activist.

vidrick home pagevidrick home page  23 poems by Russell Vidrick
sad, melancholy, meditative musings on love, life, spirit, soul.

Lady nee Lady walker  19 poems by and 20 fotos of Lady Walker.
recent poems by Lady Walker - now my wife Lady, the love of my life.



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