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Bree at the Barking Spider, July 2003 - foto by Jim Lang

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Cleveland Haiku
Two years ago, Cleveland fireman and poet Michael Ceraolo published Cleveland Haiku,
a lavishly illustrated and colorful chapbook designed to rotate on a spindle
between acetate covers. Since then, it's been featured
in more than 30 magazines in print and online in Finland, Switzerland, England
and all over the United States. The book features photos by Clevelanders Jim Lang,
Brian Bodnar and Bree, and it's published by Green Panda Press, which has also published
poet Daniel Thompson's The Rain Poet and Comforting the Dead,
along with anthologies such as The Long March of Cleveland,
Ornamental Iron, and Mac's Turns a New Trick.
Ceraolo will read and sign copies of Cleveland Haiku at Nighttown,
12387 Cedar Road in Cleveland Heights on Thu 7/15 at 7PM.
All their books are handmade and bound right here in Cleveland.
Cool Cleveland.com 7.14-7.21.2004 - Tisha Nemeth, senior editor

review of Michael Ceraolo's Cleveland Haiku

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