www.agentofchaos.com presents its first guest artist - Jeffry Chiplis

Jeffry Chiplis, found neon sculpture
inventor of recycled neon art

                New Ideas in Inert Gases, Jeffry Chiplis, William Busta Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio
               Chiplis art/show cards                            Neon Repoetry 2015                      New Ideas in Inert Gases 2015

Rooms To Let 2014 Cleveland, Ohio ‘       Swirling Red Vortex JT 2014 Cleveland, Ohio‘        Chiplis 4 at Busta Gallery 2014 Cleveland, Ohio‘        Ingenuity Fest 2013 Cleveland, Ohio
Rooms to Let 2014         Swirling Red Vortex JT 2014         4 at Busta's                    Ingenuity Fest 2013         

Land Lake Sky Chiplis Ckeveland Convention Center        MoCA group show Cleveland, Ohio       
Land, Lake, Sky 25' x7 '                 MoCA 2013         

chiplis 2011 Channel 3 TV                   chiplis 2010 solo Butler Art Institute Show show                   chiplis 2013 creativity article
Recalls night he was shot                     Butler Institute                           Chiplis creativity        

chiplis William Busta Gallery show
The Great White Mountains & the Cold Cathode Plains
25' x 6' x 3', 2012, foto by Jerry Mann
Cool Cleveland preview of show 2.13.2013 by Anastasia Pantsios

chiplis piece in 1st neo show 2005     chiplis sculpture center show 2006     chiplis piece in 2008 group show     chiplis piece in 2008 group show     chiplis piece at 2009 Ingenuity Festival
NEO 2005                    It's a Gas                         Know Risk                         Text as Art                    Ingenuity 2009

Neon Works in the 21st Century, 2010

Dark act doesn't define bright show of Tremont artist, 2010

Razzle Dazzle at Collinwood Arts, 2007
Tremont Coffee Shop Removes "Glass Graffiti" After City Determines It Was Not Art, 2007
New York Times review 2003
Art in America review 2003

Excited Inert Gases 2003
Angle review 2003
Cleveland Free Times 2003

Play Here - recent work 2006-2007

Mikulov, Czech Republic Installation, 2004
European magical mystery tour journal reading & magic lantern show
(a few magic lantern fotos)

Our Friends Electric / Penis-Fest

neon 1    neon 2    neon 3    neon 4
Art in America    mentioned    exhibit 1   exhibit 2


Chiple White Box show - detail.

Lucky's Cafe 2003
Neon Repoetry - Art Metro/Colonial ArtCade 2003
Peppermint Ribbon Rock Candy 2004
World Carrot Museum 2003
happy birthday, leap-day babies 2004

Cleve artist to Czech Republic

Cleveland artist Jeff Chiplis is headed to the Czech Republic
to build recyclable neon sculptures.
He is traveling at the invitation of Czech artist Vladimir Merta,
who recently completed a residency at SPACES Gallery.
Chiplis will attend a conference and be in residence for 4 weeks
with accomodations, studio space and an assistant,
then will be taking in the culture of the region
and will "set about on a mystery tour of Europe" for 2 more weeks.
Chiplis' neon work can be seen around Cleveland, and at http://www.agentofchaos.com/chiplis

June 16, 2004 - Tisha Nemeth, senior editor

e mail jeff at jeffrychiplis @-sign sbcglobal dot net

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