www.agentofchaos.com presents its first guest artist - Jeffry Chiplis

Chiplis 3 - Friends in Flux

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Sculpture/Art ©Chiplis

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larry & lisa

Larry McCullough,
Lisa Bansavage

foto smith
Michele knitting Michele Beemer knitting
foto smith
Chiplis, Michele, Lisa, Larry Jeffry Chiplis, Michele Beemer, Lisa Bansavage, Larry McCullough
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Chiplis, Thomas Jeffry Chiplis, Thomas McEvilley
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unknown lady one on 1
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gallery window White Box
front window
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reflection reflection
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Gallery lady, Chiplis Jhyda Pura-Quille, Chiplis
foto smith
Lisa Michele, group, Larry
foto smith
Lisa Lisa w/ Larry's left arm
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e mail jeff at jeffrychiplis @-sign sbcglobal dot net

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