www.agentofchaos.com presents guest artist - Harley Spiller aka Inspector Collector

The Queens Museum of Art
July 18th through October 24th, 2004

announcing an extraordinary exhibition of everyday objects

July 18th through October 24th, 2004

Grand Opening, July 18th, 3-6 pm
(this is also the launch date for the new kids' website, www.inspectorcollector.com)

You're also invited to participate in Junior Collector's Day on October 10, 1-4 pm

The Queens Museum of Art
Flushing Meadows Corona Park, next to the Unisphere
#7 express train to Shea Stadium; tel. 718-592-9700
July-August: Wednesdays thru Sundays, 1-8 pm
September-June: Wednesdays-Fridays 10-5; Saturdays-Sundays 12-5

Realizing a lifelong dream, Harley Spiller -- a museum and education
professional better known to many New Yorkers as Inspector Collector -- will
fill 45 feet of glass-topped museum cases with his singular group of
collections. "Thousands of objects from dozens of different collections will
be exhibited together for the first time ever in a museum," says the
Inspector. "I'm showing scissors you won't believe, and hundreds of funky
pencils, including some that may have belonged to George Washington we're
borrowing from the New York Historical Society."

Other objects of intrigue include spoons like a ceremonial Native American
potlatch ladle that belonged to Andy Warhol and 10 different spoons NOT used
for eating. Remember the original blue Metrocards? Inspector Collector's got
'em. "Plus purple, green, and orange ones too; and subway, bus and train
tokens from across the U.S.A." The list goes on and on.

Renowned artist Lady Pink will paint a trompe l'oeil newsstand displaying
newspaper stand paperweights from the 1950s. There will be "MAPETERIA," a
room where adults are not allowed, not even peeking (once inside, kids
inspect a giant collection of unique maps and think about "who draws the
lines around the countries?") There's also the "CHOOSEUM," a hands-on
workspace where visitors make projects with a golconda of supplies. 6
mystery objects will challenge kids to make correct guesses and win prizes
from the Museum shop.

"Junior Collectors Day," will be held on October 10th, when kids of all ages
are invited to exhibit collections at the Museum. Exhibition cases and
tables will be spread throughout the galleries and children and adults will
share their prized possessions with the general public. "Inspector
Collector's Cool Stuff
" will be held in the Queens Museum's ArtZone, a
hands-on gallery for children made possible by Emigrant Savings Bank.

INSPECTOR COLLECTOR TM is a trademark owned by Harley Spiller.


I'm collecting your handouts now because they're pretty.
I look forward to giving my children my collections
and passing it down from generation to generation.
Latisha, 12

My collection represents my personality.
I collect Bookmarks = I love to read.
Sharon, 9

We never had a science teacher like that.
Michael, 7

Do you really just come here to make us happy?
Chantalle, 5

Dear IC
I had a lot of fun with you.
Lesson Learned:
Don't say "oooo" or "eeewyo" say "hmmmm" let me try that!"
Tybree, 12

Thank you for all the things you taught us.
You are the best in the whole world, and earth.
Have the Best time you never had.
Justin, 10

Dear Inspector Collector
I think you forgot to show us your last collection, your heart.
Your friend at P.S. 53, Olivia.
P.S. I love you.

Inspector Collector
Agent of Chaos
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