6 6 6 ,   t h e   n u m b e r   o f   t h e   B u s h

made in china

On the State of the State
by Steven B. Smith

Take this world
Rather round
And topsy turvy
Turn her upside down

Then all the oceans
Which cover her face
Would soon drain off
Into outer space

Without the water
A bouncy ball
Drop it out the window
Watch it fall

How it falls so fast
How it hits so hard
It bounces
In pieces
All over the yard

Take a stick
And stick the world on top
What a lollipop!

But o alas
What's the use of it all
I can't take a lick
Cuz my tongue's too small

So take the world
Apropos of the square
And cut off the corners
One here
One there

Practice makes perfect
So do it again
For cutting corners
Is the way of man

Steven B. Smith

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