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Hashim El-Ra-Mun
fired clay

Ancient Astrolabs & Teleportation Disks

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sizes vary from 9 to 18 inches

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"Teleportation Disk to be used for meditation and healing by grounding one's self
with the teleportation - along with an invocation of prayer for circumstances
and situations you want to change in your life."  - Brother Hashim

"The astrolab is a very ancient astronomical computer for solving problems relating to time
and the position of the Sun and stars in the sky. . . they were also one of the basic
astronomy education tools in the late Middle Ages. A typical old astrolab was made of brass
and was about 6" (15 cm) in diameter. The history of the astrolab begins more than two
thousand years ago; the principles of the astrolab projection were known before 150 B.C.,
& true astrolabs were made before A.D. 400. It was highly developed in the Islamic world by
800, and was introduced to Europe from Islamic Spain (Andalusia) in the early 12th century.
It was the most popular astronomical instrument until about 1650, when it was replaced
by more specialized and accurate instruments."  - http://astrolabes.org/

artist available upon request for talks
on ancient astrolabs and modern teleportation disks
and griot* style storytelling

*in the annals of West African history, "griot" (pronounced gree-oh)
was the honored name bestowed on wise and knowledgeable storytellers
entrusted with the pivotal task of documenting tribal histories and genealogies

contact Hashim El-Ra-Mun at
Hashim1954 at-sign yahoo dot com
2260 E. 84th St., Cleveland, OH  44103  USA
(216) 391-2117

Hashim El-Ra-Mun

contact Hashim El-Ra-Mun at
2260 East 84th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44103 USA
(phone) 216.391.2117

©Hashim El-Ra-Mun
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