www.agentofchaos.com presents guest artist - Harley Spiller aka Inspector Collector

Harley Spiller, a.k.a. INSPECTOR COLLECTOR, presents his international collections of menus, autographs, photographs, neckties, spoons, and more to inspire the lifelong love of learning that necessarily comes to collectors of integrity. Museum exhibitions of his collections, which have been presented in New York City; Stamford, Connecticut; and Caracas, Venezuela, have twice been cited by Art in America as "Exhibitions of the Year" and his work has been repeatedly praised by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker's "Talk of the Town," CNN Headline News, National Public Radio, The Learning Channel, and more. Harley's first museum job was with the Diplomatic Reception Rooms at the U.S. Department of State and The White House in Washington, D.C. He has taught internationally from pre-school to graduate school, and worked in New York City museums and cultural organizations for over two decades. Harley currently serves as Administrator and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc., and is producing a new children's television series called SHOW YOUR STUFF.

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