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Twenty-two years of professional arts administration includes development and presentation of educational programs, curating exhibitions, and fiscal planning. Outstanding record of successful lectures, exhibitions, publications and accompanying multi-media coverage.

Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc.
, NYC, Administrative Director, 1986 - 93, 1998 - present.
Direct day-to-day operations for international avant-garde arts organization.
Develop and monitor award-winning arts-in-education program.
Completed "Arts Assessment in Practice" seminar with Jane Remer/Terry Reilly, 2001

Collecting Connoisseurs, NYC, Founding Director, 1997 - present.
Create and present unique curriculum focusing on the arts and sciences of "collecting."
Clients include major museums, educational organizations, schools and corporations.
Work with Annenberg, Project Arts, Project Read, Project Create, and other grants.

Studio in a School, NYC, New Facilities Manager, 1997.
Conceptualization and coordination of new classrooms, art galleries, and archive.
Provided support for teachers, students and administrators.

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, NYC, Associate Director, 1994-95.
Expanded services for artists and 165 non-profit organizations.
Liaison to government officials, Board of Directors and Business Improvement District.

The Gallery at Takashimaya, NYC, Curatorial Associate, 1993-94.
Curated exhibitions and supervised public symposia and special events.
Delivered weekly lectures on current exhibitions and Japanese art history.

The Jewish Museum, NYC, Curatorial Assistant, 1981-86.
Research, writing and editing for contemporary exhibitions and catalogues.
Presented educational programs and gallery tours for schools and special visitors.

Northwestern University
, Evanston, IL, B.A., English Literature, 1980.
The Cofeld Museum, Buffalo, NY, Board of Directors, 1982-present.
Queens College, NYC, Institute of Chinese Cuisine, Board of Directors, 1992-present.
Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc., NYC, Chairman, Board of Directors, 2000-present.

COLLECTING CONNOISSEURS is a unique course emphasizing learning through enjoyment. It focuses on the pedagogical (not fiscal) value of collections, inculcating the value of community building through open social and intellectual exchange. Depending on the length of the course, which can flex from a one-time presentation to a year-long survey of museum and artistic practice, many collections and hundreds of objects are presented and discussed in an object-based curriculum. Students will visit museums and other collections in the community, and are encouraged to develop new collections and display and build upon their existing collections during the semester. The course can culminate with a group exhibition and student-produced catalogues and checklists. Examine the sense of order and feelings of satisfaction and pride that humans establish by collecting. Join this unique course to stimulate the desire to learn and hone a crucial life skill: persistence in the pursuit of knowledge.

Harley Spiller, a.k.a. INSPECTOR COLLECTOR, presents his international collections of menus, maps, autographs, photographs, neckties, spoons, and more to inspire the lifelong love of learning that necessarily comes to collectors of integrity. Museum displays of his collections have twice been cited by Art in America as "Exhibitions of the Year" and his work has been repeatedly praised by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker's Talk of the Town, CNN Headline News, National Public Radio, The Learning Channel, and more. Harley's first museum job was with the Diplomatic Reception Rooms at the U.S. Department of State and The White House in Washington, D.C. He has taught internationally from pre-school to graduate school, and worked in New York City museums and cultural organizations for over two decades. Harley currently serves as Administrator and on the Board of Directors of Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc.

1. Collection of collectors (international database on thousands of collections)
2. Chinese takeout menus (c. 6,000 from 55 foreign countries dating back to 1868)
3. Contemporary art (several hundred originals)
4. Graffiti stickers (8,000)
5. Mr. T memorabilia (c. 100 objects)
6. Newspaper stand weights and memorabilia (c. 200 from 1930s to present)
7. Watches (6)
8. New York City Metro Cards (over 100 different ones and related information)
9. Cool boxes (c. 30)
10. Cool shopping bags (c. 40)
11. Chinese movie posters and memorabilia (10,000 pieces)
12. Pens (c. 200)
13. Pencils (c. 400)
14. Postcards (c. 500)
15. Crabs (photos and information, c. 30 pieces)
16. Ice Cream memorabilia
17. Maps and objects with map designs (c. 200)
18. Pokemon (articles, c. 100)
19. Forks (c. 45 different ones)
20. Toothpicks (c. 50 different ones)
21. Spoons with different functions (c. 300)
22. Japanese Sake bottlecaps (c. 25)
23. Hot Dog information
24. Hamburger information
25. Plastic (hundreds of unusual plastic objects)
26. Shoes (photos)
27. Doors (photos)
28. Crazy Neckties (c. 120)
29. Beer paraphernalia
39. Autographs (thousands)
31. Corn information
32. Magnets (hundreds)
33. Magic tricks (dozens)
34. Photographs (thousands)
35. Pee Wee Herman memorabilia
36. U.S. and international Currency and Coins
37. Distressed U.S. Currency and coins, including actual counterfeits and cartoon dollars
38. Marbles (c. 500)
39. Stick Pins (c. 30)
40. Hair (photos of different styles)
41. Shopping Lists found in supermarkets (c. 2000)
42. Record Albums (c. 1000)
43. Hot sauces (c. 35 in constant use!)
44. Used professional hockey sticks, pucks, jerseys and equipment (c.100 pieces)
45. Small Dolls (c. 100)
46. Fortune Teller handbills (c. 150)
47. T Shirts (c. 100)
48. Matchbooks with maps on them (c. 35)
49. HEAVY@ tags from airline luggage
50. Chewing Gum (c. 500 different packs)
51. Keys (c. 6000)
52. Bottles (c. 20)
53. Playing cards in decks other than 52 cards (25)
54. Folk art and found texts by Aunusual@ authors.
55. Pizza (menus and information)
56. Asian eating implements from 12 different countries
57. Buttons
58. Beverage wrenches (40)
59. Pogs
60. Postage stamps
61. Teensy tiny things
62. Masks from around the world (20)
63. miniature cast iron frying pans (8)
64. letter openers (30)
65. things that sound like Harley Spiller (Frosty Chiller, Hurley Schloither, etc.)
66. Security badges, seals and devices (40)
67. Several items from The World Trade Center, where I worked in 1994-95.
68. Religious skull caps (46)
69. tape (125 assorted varieties)
70. international and unusual paper money
71. pickle information
72. bookmarks (c. 50)
73. rubber bands (c. 100)
... continuing ...

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