www.agentofchaos.com presents guest artist - Harley Spiller aka Inspector Collector
Junior Collectors Day
Stamford Museum
April 27, 2003

Stamford Museum & Nature Center

Join Us For Junior Collectors Day At the Stamford Museum & Nature Center Sunday April 27th 12:00 - 3:00PM

Collecting is a favorite pastime of many people and this very special event is dedicated to the young collectors of the world who very well may grow up to be the antique and museum experts of tomorrow.

With the help of Inspector Collector, the Museum will select 20 Junior Collectors to spend the day with us and share their unique collections and expertise with the public. Inspector Collector will wbe on hand to provide interesting insights into the children's various collections and to assist other young visitors with ideas for collecting everything from pencils to Pokemon. A video crew will also be on hand to film the Junior Collectors and visitors for use in a television pilot put together by Inspector Collector and D-Squared Media. All visitors are encouraged to bring photos or one piece from their collections to compare and share with Inspector Collector and the Junior Collectors.

Inspector Collector is a curator of his own collections that include spoons, neckties, autographs, marbles, teensy tiny things, shopping lists left in supermarkets, letter openers, and much, much more. He has taught internationally from pre-school to graduate school, and worked in New York City museums and cultural organizations for over two decades. Inspector Collector's work has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, and National Public Radio. He has also appeared on television shows such as To Tell The Truth, The Learning Channel, CNN Headline News, and has emceed the Maury Povich Show.

If you are interested in joining us for the day as a Junior Collector, please fill out an application today or call 203-322-1646, ext. 233 for more information. This event will be videotaped and Junior Collectors and some visitors will be required to sign release forms for the footage to be used for broadcast.

All are welcome at this fun-filled event, so tell your friends and family and we hope to see you April 27th! Show your Stuff! From Baseball Cards to Beanie Babies, Pencils to Pokemon, Seashells to Whistles and Bells, we want you to be part of this wonderful new event!

Inspector Collector
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