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the two lifeforms above created my first website (jolaf/smith ) in 1998.   august 2002 they taught
me how to do it myself and helped me start agent of chaos by cloning jolaf.  they are good people.

Sarah Ovenall's research on collage & copyright law  An excellent section on how
copyrights affect collage artists. . . from

The City  Lady Walker's [ now Lady ] poetry portal where image and text literally literately intersect. 15 issues so far (10.2005).

deep cleveland junkmail oracle   rather self-important literary e-zine dedicated to the
spirit of legendary cleveland outlaw poet & underground publisher d.a. levy - markk

Brenda Stumpf  one of the coolest artists I know - paints, draws, assembles, constructs, deconstructs, reconstructs - all of it gorgeous, with darkling hints.

DMOMA  Cronies, Nannies, Fautors & Fops - The Digital Museum of Modern Art

Fair Trade  R. A. Washington - A Journal Of Progressive World Art

Blue Seven, 1  Art, Bio, Music, Film (my Art history up to Oct. ' 05 sort of, tip of the iceberg syndrome)
Blue Seven, 2  Early Demos for Urban-Jellen Test and Blue7 direct Contact
Blue Seven, 3  Urban-Jellen Test, Krakow, Poland (music/video)
Blue Seven, 4  Ancient Technology at your disposal (Knots/Publishing)

Thymn Chase, 2  Eluktick - synth link 2 (also a member of Urban-Jellen Test - see above)

The Banner Queen   Amy Johnquest's circus sideshow-like banner paintings, seen in Bruce Springsteen Summer Tour Book, Madison Square Garden, Ripley's Believe it or Not

Lazarus Corp   Paul Watson, Germseed, Françoise Duvivier, Zenon Gradkowski, Claudio Parentela, Wajid Yaseen, Michael Kemp, David Ince, Martino Catalano, Liza Aspell, Irishfae, Hardeep Sangha . . . worth perusing.

poetry of e b bortz

PanModern   Mark Bloch's ode to mail art, Ray Johnson, et al

Scott Radke  marionettes, drawings, sand sculptures, murals, paintings, graffiti

Weirdyear Daily Flash Fiction   Get your daily dose of weird fiction here, 365 days a year. Writers welcome!

Lindsay Barrie   Heronimous Bosch does Miles Davis/Frank Zappa/Gullible's Travels - collage for Purgatory's waiting room

Generator Press  John Byrum's paper & electronic books - concrete poetry plus

Serhiy Kolyada  Coca-Cola astride the Sacred Virgin, nudes against shadowy backgrounds of corporate slogans - black ink & shading resembling grainy black-&-white photographs reflect on money, power, gender issues in the Ukraine.

LightColorTime   If you look at yourself without yourself to look at, you will never look at yourself the same.- Brian Morrison

Steven Mastroianni   a fine photographer and political sign maker

Walla Walla Poetry Party  Charles Potts' Temple Bookstore/School of Poetry

Admit 2   Natalija Grgorinic & Ognjen Raden's online magazine, anthology, archive, dialogue, channel of communication, pile of links, bits and things on collaborative creation in word and image.

Ione Citrin  Sculpture, mixed media, still life, abstract, landscape, figure, WTC tragedy, ethnic & metal paintings are but a few of her genres. She's a former Chicago television star and commercial voice-over artist now in L.A.

Spaces   alternative gallery (established 1978) - Cleveland, Ohio  USA

Manly Pad  Tim Herron's studio/gallery featuring his landscapes, portraiture, figurative & surreal paintings & drawings in oils, pastels & conte

Manly Pad2  (2nd site)   Tim Herron's gallery/studio featuring his portraiture, landscapes, surreal & figurative drawings & paintings in oils, conte & pastels

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