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mother dwarf + smith pricing & sales data
a.k.a. the fine print
smith 01.30.2004

florence e 'mother dwarf' smith's art is no longer for sale
since she died today at noon
April Friday the 13th, 1926 thru June 25th, 2005

my art may or may not be for sale
depends on the piece and my mood

if any of mine is for sale, please read below
keep in mind this is out-dated data
mom's death changes everything

The majority of our artwork is not displayed online, so Mother Dwarf and
I recommend you visit our studio in Cleveland, Ohio U.S.A.

We have far too many pieces to keep current prices listed,so
if something interests you, email us and i'll send prices.

All pieces are original and one of a kind.

Since many use found objects and are 3-dimensional,
they might be awkward or rather heavy for shipping.
Some would have to be picked up or delivered.

I have accepted commissions in the past. I may or may not in the future.
see Circuit Diving and Mouse Dreams for previous commissions.

A few examples of previously purchased pieces can be seen at
29 collected pieces, 46 collected pieces and more collected smith .

Steven B. Smith 6.25.2005

it is impossible to show 3-dimensional art adequately on 2-dimensional screens
3/4's of our art is NOT online
we use an odd & wide range of mediums and found-objects
our art differs from others past & present
we recommend an in-studio visit to be sure
and to save on shipping
which in some cases would be more than the price of the art.

Personal viewing is also recommended since the art changes greatly
depending on time of day, lighting, etc.

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