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no demands of time - 10.29.05
down to animal bone - 11.1.05  /  electric lady - 11.1.05  /  lineman - 11.1.05  /  fine fine feline - 11.2.05
a simple machine - 11.8.05  /  pulp lust - 9.17/05  /  my scarless lady - 11.11.05
slo mo - 11.16.05  /  baked apple cream kisses 11.17.05  /  rainbow rain 11.19.05
match - 11.21.05  /  jim language - 11.22.05

No Demands Of Time

If you're a king,
you must have been a criminal.
All criminals would be king
and all kings are criminal.

The first time I was in jail--
hard time--I didn't know when
I'd get out.

Spiders traverse distances
by floating and falling.

Vines twist together so they
can reach further.

We'll jump off the edge
of the known world, but the
Earth is flat & we own the edges...

Mapping constellations 'cross
the random scattered stars

                   and Steven B. Smith

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Down To Animal Bone

Me big
Me want
Me take
Me smart too
Probably get away with it


end    top    poetry    agent of chaos

Electric Lady

I got me a live one.
And you know what?
After a live one,
The dead just don't do.


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Hey baby, what's your sign?
Cum here often?
Wanna see my coloring book?
I got a big red crayon
Fit right between your lines


end    top    poetry    agent of chaos

Fine Fine Feline

Her tiger's tail keeps twitching
Her pussy a little purr machine
Melted in my lap


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A Simple Machine

No mangos from the shadow
No ghostings from the closed
But kisses for your shoulder
I certainly do enclose

I dance about your shadow
Re-hang in velvet drape
Your renovated altar
Your greatness to relate

From former fog I scurry
To your two as one
What gestates in ambiguity
Becomes footnote to bronze


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Pulp Lust

Your you do with me as you want
Popped plans of white slave trades
And long slow humid caravans
On large lumbering cockroaches
Thru jungle green into my brain.


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My Scarless Lady

My woman has been with many men
Before coming with me
Her her makes her she
Her she wishes me
Our now exoskeleton her then


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Slo Mo

Straight to love took a turn
Slow toe from the start

Reason no knowing season
But art in heart restarts

Superman had to get used
To being Superman

I have to get used to you


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Baked Apple Cream Kisses

Baked apple cream kisses for you my love
For your giggle wiggle wondrous why

Creamed apple baked kisses to you my dove
From your hair below to those above

Baked kisses creamed apple Iíll then apply
To your skin within, without, and try

French kissing your wiggle giggle for Iíve
Baked cream kiss apple in you my love

Head to toe side to side all the in between
Baked apple kiss creams in you my Queen


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Rainbow Rain

I am beaten, battered
Brutalized, bruised
By joy
Midnight water sport
Day dazzle dream

My outside pain
Inside rainbow reign


end    top    poetry    agent of chaos


Mingus our magic
We mingle our meld both mode
And modality


end    top    poetry    agent of chaos

Jim Language
       (for Jim Lang)

The bagkeeper met the beekeeper
Near the top of the day
Where words of honey
For honey they parlayed
Into sweets for the meats,
Meat for the way. . .

Say, man, what you say?
May I play too through you?

Youíve taught me ice melts
Friends bark
Itís never quite dark
Though ever never dawn

That normal rocks well lawn
Poems Tinkerbell spawned

That good is reason enough


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